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We are Fibr8

An aesthetic lighting innovation in the architecture world

Fibr8 has designed razor-sharp and stylish light lines that open up new possibilities in architecture. Lighting in floors or accentuating design on façades. Be creative. Endless possibilities.

Welcome to the world of Fibr8

The magical movement of laser light in a fibre optic light line

See in the above video how the famous artist Ai Wei Wei has designed a limited edition of ‘thinline’ for the Amsterdam Light Festival: 7 km of Fibr8 light lines along the canals of Amsterdam.

Bright and nearly invisible

Create a completely different design at night and during the day

Freedom in design

Imagine any light line anywhere

We are Fibr8

The unique characteristics


1cm bending radius


From 1mm

Long distance

Up to 100m

Passive light line

Let the light move


It's magical

Climate proof

Resists high temperatures
Our products

We would be happy to help you find the right configuration for your application.

Our various products consist of different profiles and laser systems. The lasers have different amounts of power and are available in single colour and multi colour. Our standard product portfolio of profiles is shown below. However, we can also supply fully custom-made profiles.

Fibr8 Integr8

Product integration

Fibr8® Integr8 can be embedded into any product.

  • 1-120 meters length
  • 0,9 mm of thinness
  • Creative freedom

Fibr8 ProFile

Elastic cover

Fibr8® ProFile has several fibres side by side.

  • 1-80 meters of length
  • 7,6 mm of thinness
  • Easy to install

Fibr8 ProTec

360º of light experience

Fibr8® ProTec has a 360° light effect.

  • 1-50 meters length
  • 4 mm of thinness
  • Slim protection

Get inspired by some of our highlighted best practices:
We are Fibr8

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