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A flexible and ultra-efficient luminous fibre

The unique characteristics

a single strand of ultra-strong optical fiber

can be bent, twisted and knotted 360 degrees

ultra-thin and light material

Thin, colourful and flexible

Fibr8 offers an optical fibre (Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber) that enables thin, colourful, flexible and aesthetic light designs, mainly for the maritime and architecture market. This unique technology allows for innovative design applications that might not be possible with existing light technologies.

Bright and nearly invisible

During the night the laser-controlled line can produce a very bright light. The light is evenly distributed and no light points (such as diodes) can be seen. Light scenes can be programmed and dimming of the light is possible to almost zero. As the line is thin and transparent it is nearly invisible during the day.

Ultra-thin and long

The ultra-thin glass fibre has a diameter of less than 1 mm and can light-up one continuous line over a distance of more than 50 meters. This allows for integration in (or on top of) a wide range of surfaces, including floors, walls and stairs. The glass-based material is very durable.

Freedom in lighting plans

This fibre light has no electronic or magnetic elements, which enhances product appeal and enables it to be waterproof.  The lasers (light sources) can be installed in a centralized location allowing for easy maintenance and control. The new light line technology can be incorporated in existing automated light plans.

Uniform light with 360° turns

Uniform light is generated in any direction by the unique diffusing characteristics of Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber. In general, lasers would normally generate a straight line, but with the Fibr8 laser portfolio in combination with 360° bendable Fibrance fiber, you can generate a multitude of 3D line effect designs!

Energy-efficient and any color

The Fibr8 multi-colour laser can generate any colour you like, even cold and warm white. As the light armature is a glass fibre, it is tough but still only weighs a few grams. Can you imagine making a light line that uses less power than 1W per meter?

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