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A Revolutionary Collaboration Unveiled at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

22 September, 2023

Fibr8 is delighted to play a significant role in an eye-catching presentation at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023. In collaboration with Falcon Tenders, a leading British builder of custom superyacht tenders, we have integrated our cutting-edge laser lighting technology into their latest 9.75m limousine tender, Project KD.

About Project KD
Project KD is not just any tender; it’s a masterpiece of design and technology. Slated for delivery in 2024, this tender will serve as a luxurious complement to a 64m superyacht.

Fibr8’s Role
As pioneers in laser lighting technology for maritime applications, Fibr8 has provided the unique opportunity to outfit this tender with groundbreaking lighting. Our laser light lines are not only aesthetically stunning but also offer a high degree of functionality and durability—attributes essential in the demanding environment of superyachts.

The Future
The collaboration between Fibr8 and Falcon Tenders marks a significant milestone in the evolution of superyacht tender’s design and technology. We are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking project and look forward to further innovative collaborations in the future.