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First engineers of TOF Group trained by Fibr8

16 May, 2022

TOF Group B.V. is a leader in the realisation of high-quality fibre networks for private use, large business environments and data centres in the Netherlands. Their many years of expertise and large in-house capacity enables Fibr8 to respond quickly to requests of every size and complexity. By collaborating with this optic fibre service specialist Fibr8 can ensure greater efficiency in the installation and maintenance of optic fibre.

TOF Group has its own extensive workforce of certified fibre specialists and advanced in-house equipment. As a network-independent specialist, they are highly specialised and skilled in the connecting of fibres to lasers.

In March 2022 the first two optic fibre engineers of the TOF Group were trained by Fibr8. During the training, they were informed about the differences between the optic fibre used by Fibr8 and those normally used in the telecom by TOF Group. Furthermore, they were trained in the best way of cleaning and polishing connectors to get an optimal way of connecting fibres to lasers minimizing any light loss. Other aspects dealt with were focused on the monitoring and maintenance of the optic fibres.

The engineers received a certificate from Fibr8 and can be directly employed on Fibr8 projects where optic fibre must be installed or maintained.