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The First step for Fibr8 in the maritime industry.

16 May, 2022

Fibr8 has realized its first big project in cooperation with Royal Huisman Shipyards. The superyacht is, according to RHS: “Her innovative exterior lighting, powered by lasers, marks the stunning features of what is the world’s longest motor yacht – by far – in the sub-500 GT category. There is no doubt that PHI will turn heads wherever she goes, as her spectacular design is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all who catch sight of her.”

PHI is a 58.5m / 192ft yacht of incredible engineering. Where the light lines of Fibr8 display the magnificent contours of the superyacht. On request the light lines are programmed to change to any colour in the colour-spectrum and are completely dimmable. This makes it possible to create light lines which are in daylight nearly invisible and at night beautifully displayed. Thanks to the innovative integration of the light lines from Fibr8 and Royal Huisman combined, it was possible to integrate the light lines as late as possible in the project.

The light lines are up to 50m and show the futuristic and innovative concept that the yacht PHI represents. The technology of optical fibre makes it possible that the light lines leave no unsightly gaps and are extremely maintenance friendly. This is due to the reason that the light lines are completely passive (electricity free) and the technology of Fibr8 is efficiently centralized in PHI.

The main argument to use Fibr8 for RHS was due to the reason that the light lines of Fibr8 are completely passive. This made it possible to survive the sea environment better than standard products of LED.
This First big delivery of Fibr8 made it possible to develop and innovate the product. In addition, it is the first major step of introduction of optical fibre light in the maritime industry.

Wherever the superyacht PHI will go, we as Fibr8 wish her an incredible journey and hope that many people will experience and enjoy this magnificent feature for a superyacht.